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SuperSplitting is first and foremost a superannuation toolbox for family lawyers. Subscribers have access to an online subscription platform. Subscriber firms are able to access the entire suite of tools, information and resources held within the SuperSplitting toolbox, developed by SuperSplitting expert, Stephen Bourke.

We also have resources available for non-subscribers, including expert reports and webinars.

Expert Reports

If you require an expert report on valuation (fixed fees apply) or a superannuation report on the effect of your Orders/Agreement or you need assistance in drafting the more complex SuperSplitting Orders/Agreements, we can provide a fixed quote or fee estimate. We also offer telephone conferences with Stephen Bourke for $825 (including GST). Please note subscribers to the website receive a discounted rate of $660 (including GST) for telephone conferences. Where the conference raises complex issues, we will provide a quote.

Subscriber Benefits


  • Bi-monthly webinar series
  • Case Law Commentary
  • Precedent Orders and Agreements


  • Form 6 Online
  • Future value calculator


  • Defined Benefits Super
  • Valuation Reports
  • Discounted Conference

How to become a subscriber?

  1. Register for an account
  2. Pay for an online annual subscription (fee of $1320 pa)
  3. Receive login details for your law firm and receive your complimentary copy of “SuperSplitting for Family Lawyers”

Other Non-Subscriber Resources


SuperSplitting conducts Webinars every second month to improve your skills. The fee for a single webinar is $440. Subscribers can register for these webinars for free as part of their subscription.


Stephen Bourke is the author of “SuperSplitting for Family Lawyers” published in 2011, which is the only text for family lawyers on SuperSplitting.


Once the SMSF Order/Agreement is made, the documents in the Family Law Supersplitting Kit are the required notices, elections and trust minutes to implement the split for an SMSF.

Stephen Bourke

Stephen is the former head of the Family Law Division of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department. He was project leader for the legislative amendments on superannuation and family law. Stephen is author of the leading text on the subject of superannuation splitting Super Splitting for Family Lawyers published in 2011 and is an active member of the SMSF Association, the Taxation Institute of Australia and the Family Law Section of the Law Council.

Stephen appears in court as an expert witness in complex superannuation matters as well as providing strategic or technical advice to parties that are negotiating settlement or collaborating. Stephen is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars.


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